Aquire customers cheaper using accurate ad data

Join 1,000+ marketing teams decreasing customer acquisition cost by proactively turning off under performing ads before they dip into your profits.



Accurate ad attribution is the foundation of scaling your digital ads profitably

Marketing teams are rapidly creating and testing new ad creative to find winning ads — and that's only possible by having accurate ad attribution. Cometly helps info businesses accurately track to quickly identify winning ads, save wasted ad spend, and increase ad profits.

We were flying blind before we started accurately tracking with Cometly

"[Cometly] helped me scale our brands 40% year-over-year! I know exactly where the conversions are coming from, I know how to allocate the budgets correctly and generate higher ROAS while maintaining efficiencies! Something that was and still is very hard to do after the iOS 14 update."

Eli Bar-Din — Lead Media Buyer at

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