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So you are currently spending less than $5k /month on ads, where do you go from here?

First off, kudos for running ads even with a tight budget. It takes smarts, guts, and determination. But what if we told you that with the right knowledge, you could get results that far surpass your current ad spend?

Most advertisers believe that bigger budgets directly translate to bigger profits. The truth is, it’s not just about how much you’re spending; it’s about how wisely you’re spending it.

Who am I?

Hello! I'm Grant Cooper, one of the founders of Cometly.

Over the past 11 years, I've journeyed through the world of online businesses and mastered the art of acquiring customers through ads.

I started all the way back in 2012 when companies weren't fully bought in on investing in digital ads. I learned all of the ins-and-outs of running ads which ultimately led me to build a successful 7 figure digital ads agency that I exited in 2019. Along the journey I was able to build several side-hustle 7 figure businesses in consulting and ecommerce, just by simply having digital ads as a skill set.

Through all of these experiences, a major challenge became evident. With 100+ complex tracking sheets I had created, countless hours lost to managing and analyzing them, and grappling with inaccurate / inconsistent data from digital platforms, I knew I had to solve this problem once and for all.

That challenge led me to launch Cometly in 2021, the most advanced ad tracking solution on the market that helps brands increase visibility and feed data back to the ad platforms AI to improve targeting.

Now, my mission is simple: I want to remove all of the hurdles, the guesswork, and the potential financial pitfalls that I experienced over the last 11 years.

I'm here to share the strategies that have consistently delivered results for me, irrespective of the business or industry.

Introducing: Ad Scaling Mastery

Whether you have a ad agency, ecommerce business, local business, software company, or you simply just rely on lead generation to grow your business, the Ad Scaling Mastery will help you make digital ads your #1 driver of revenue.

Course Outline:

Module 1 – Foundations
Module 2 – Lead Generation ads (Info, SaaS, Call)
Module 3 – Ecommerce ads
Module 4 – Affiliate marketing ads
Module 5 – Fundamentals > scaling
Module 6 – Cometly

- Skool community to collaborate with other members in the community and programs.
- New content for only community members (trainings, case studies, interviews, etc.)

Anthony Camacho
CEO, Five Aces Media

“The training gave me everything I need to confidently scale my ad campaigns. I went from losing $4k to reaching $30k in revenue and $15k profit using Cometly."

Lucas Lalonde

"This is a total game-changer. I think anyone who is serious about scaling their ads and becoming more profitable would be silly not to utilize it!"

Andreas Häggkvist
CEO, Andy Okay

"Have to say a huge thank you to Cometly, the guys working hard behind the scenes Grant Cooper & Matt Pattoli, and of course their team. Cometly has been nothing but success for me since I joined."

Rommel Carrillo Mendoza
Business Owner

“I decided to join Cometly because all of the comments of the other students from CHP already inside. Not to mention how willing these guys are always to guide you in the process. Do not hesitate to join!"

Hendrik Runnelbaum

"Best of all is the marvelous support of Matt and Grant, the two guys behind Cometly. Thank you so much for all your work and help! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go to the next level."

Pablo Morales Jr.
Digital Marketer

"I'm able to track all my ads accurate and scale-up. A will recommended it to all my customers and friends. Thank you Cometly team for your good work."

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