Comet Events

Add the Comet Pixel to any store, marketing funnel, or website to track specific events back to the correct ads and feed the ad platforms with accurate data for better ad optimization.

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Accurate Event Tracking

Comet Events combined with the Comet Pixel allows advertisers to track events across any funnel, store, or website. Whether you’re trying to track purchases, leads or booked calls, Cometly will track and report exactly what ads are performing best for you.

Comet Events has completely redefined event tracking for paid ad campaigns. Whether you’re looking to track booked calls, leads or sales, Comet Events will provide you with accurate insights on the events that matter most to your business.

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Easy Setup & Advanced Tech

In most cases where advanced technology is involved, the setup is equally advanced, but not with Cometly. With Comet Events, you simply just toggle “on” the event that matters most to you, place a small snippet of code and you can begin tracking any event within minutes.

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Feed Ad Platform’s AI

Cometly will track the events that matter most to your business and then send that highly accurate data back to the native ad channel to enrich their AI system with better data which will lead to better ad optimization and performance.

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Bypass iOS 14 and Ad Blockers

The Comet Event system uses advanced fingerprint tracking technology to bypass ad blockers, cookie blockers and all iOS14 updates. Yes, Cometly will still be able to fully track a customer back to the correct ad for you even if that customer is using an incognito web browser.

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Events Manager

Manage all of the events you want to track with your ads all in one place using the Events Manager. The Comet Events Manager will give you insights on how many events have been tracked overall and give you accurate insights that you no longer receive from the native ad platforms.

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Manage multiple funnels

For no extra cost you can track events across unlimited funnels, websites or stores so that you can have all of your tracking in one place.

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