Cometly vs Triple Whale

#1 Triple Whale Alternative

Learn how Cometly can help you scale your ad campaigns profitably. We provide affordable paid plans based on your ad spend, not your revenue. Get hyper-accurate ad attribution with our Gen-3 pixel technology and ad optimization tools to turn ads on/off, and control budgets directly from Cometly.all in one place.

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"We not only have >20% more accurate data, we also have seen a significant increase in performance..."

"We trialed Cometly against TripleWhale for a considerable amount of ad spend, we quickly saw Cometly's superiority. Over 20% more accurate data, and improved performance on all our ads due to data being fed back to Facebook. Not only has our performance and accuracy improved, but our peace of mind has quadrupled. Knowing that our team can trust the results they see is essential to running and scaling a business."

Co-Director at Babybub

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Learn how Cometly can help you scale ads

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Ad Optimization Tools

Use Cometly's ad optimization features to update the budgets for your ads on campaigns and ad sets. Control ad delivery status by turning ads on/off right from Cometly's ads manager.

28 Day Attribution Window

If a visitor from an ad comes back to your site within a 28 day time period, Cometly will track the sale or event back to the correct ad.

Unlimited Workspaces

Create unlimited workspaces and connect unlimited Shopify stores for no extra cost. Most ecommerce ad attribution softwares charge per store.

Ad Spend Usage

Cometly paid plans are based on the amount of ad spend tracked compared to alternatives that base the plan off of revenue.

Funnel Tracking

Comet Events enables ecommerce stores to accurately track sales funnels and feed that data back to the ad platforms AI via the conversion API.

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