AI Tracking & Attribution

Your single source of truth

Say goodbye to 5 different sources of truth, say hello to 1.

Cometly AI Pixel: Precision Tracking at Its Best

Track every touchpoint with 100% accuracy

The Cometly AI Pixel tracks every click, visit, and interaction on your site with perfect accuracy. No more guessing about what your customers are doing – you’ll see it all clearly.

This helps you make smarter decisions about your marketing. Know exactly what works and what doesn’t, so you can spend your money wisely and get better results.

Advanced Cookie-less tracking

Cometly’s cookie-less tracking works without traditional cookies, respecting user privacy. You still get accurate data to see how your marketing is performing.

Cross device & domain tracking

Your customers use multiple devices and platforms. Cometly tracks their journey across all of them, giving you a complete picture.

Visitor profile identification

Get to know your visitors like never before. Cometly’s Visitor Profile Identification feature allows you to identify individual users and track their complete interaction history. This deep insight into user behavior helps you personalize experiences and build stronger relationships with your audience.

Conversion Tracking: Measure What Matters

Track any goal, sale, or user activity.

Track valuable actions

Cometly’s conversion tracking lets you see how well your marketing is doing. Whether it’s sales, sign-ups, or any other action, you’ll get clear insights into every conversion.

Custom events

Set and track your goals easily using Custom Events. Understand what’s driving your success and where to focus your efforts to get more results and grow your business.

Sales intelligence tracking

Track how much pipeline value is being generated from every single marketing source.

Automatic form capture

Maximize your lead generation efforts with Cometly’s Automatic Form Capture. Our technology automatically captures user data from forms, even if they are incomplete or unsubmitted.

This ensures you never miss out on potential leads and provides you with valuable information to follow up and convert interested prospects. Enhance your marketing strategy by capturing every opportunity and turning interest into action.

Boost ROI

By accurately tracking and optimizing your campaigns, you can ensure every dollar is spent effectively.

Enhance Decision-Making

With clear, actionable insights, make informed decisions that drive growth.

Save Time

Automate complex data analysis and optimization tasks, freeing up your time to focus on strategy.