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How it started

In 2012, Grant Cooper and Matt Pattoli founded Social Vantage, a digital advertising agency. Over the course of 7 years, Social Vantage served over 1,000 clients in 22 different countries. In 2019, Social Vantage was successfully acquired by a larger advertising agency.

In early 2020, amid a global pandemic with economic uncertainty, Grant and Matt applied their extensive advertising experience to the affiliate marketing industry. After unsuccessfully trying to scale their ad campaigns past $5,000 / day in revenue due to bad ad tracking, they created their own advanced tracking system using excel sheets. These sheets ultimately became the initial foundation of Cometly.

After a few months of early development, Grant and Matt began using the first version of Cometly, which provided them complete transparency in their ad performance. This enabled them to scale their ad campaigns to generate well over $1,000,000 in revenue in 7 months.

Cometly is now used daily by many affiliate marketers and Shopify store owners, all successfully scaling ad campaigns to higher levels than they ever could before.

Our Team

Grant Cooper
Matt Pattoli
John Shipp
Robby Blanchard
Max Minin
Tom King
Account Executive
Buddy King
Account Executive
Myo Naing
Andrew Daniels
Product Designer
John Saliva

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