One platform to prove marketing ROI.

Compare channel performance and use accurate attribution data to make data-driven decisions — all in one place.


Advanced server-side tracking

Our server-side pixel will bypass iOS14 and ad blockers that limit your attribution.

Never miss revenue from ads again

Use our Gen-3 pixel technology to accurately track sales back to the correct ad, every time.

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Event Tracking

Track any website, marketing funnel, or online store

Track events such as leads, scheduled calls, subscriptions, free trials, purchases, and many more back to the correct ad.

Send event data back to the ad platforms

Feed the ad platforms AI by automatically sending events back to the correct ad for better ad optimization.

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Match Enhancer

Feed accurate data back to ad platforms

Use the Cometly conversion API to send enhanced conversions to the ad platforms to drastically improve your event match quality, targeting optimization, and ad performance.

Conversion Optimization Advantage

Get better conversion optimization on your ads by passing accurate data to the ad platform. This will help the ad platform optimize your ads for better ROAS.

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Comet Ads Manager

The most advanced ads manager on the planet

Turn off the losing ads and increase the budgets on the winning ads. Maintain full control of your ads from right inside the Comet Ads Manager.

Make decisions faster & massively increase ROAS

The Comet Ads Manager will cut your ads management hours in half while helping you increase your ROAS via data-driven decisions.

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Faster data

Cometly updates data in real time so you get access to data every hour. This allows you to make real-time decisions on your ads and scale confidently.

Actionable analytics to increase ROAS

Cometly’s analytics provide you a unique experience of being able to act on the data immediately to increase ad performance.

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Customer Journeys

Allocate marketing dollars correctly

By understanding which touch-points are most effective at driving conversions, you can optimize your ad spend to maximize ROI.

Reveal actionable insights

Identify patterns in the buying journey of your customers and re-calibrate your marketing efforts accordingly.

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Manage unlimited workspaces

Unlock accurate ad attribution for as many business units as you need. Invite teammates and assign them access to the specific Spaces they need.

The #1 ad attribution tool for agencies

Ad agencies are sprinting to Cometly because you’re able to manage as many clients as you need using “Spaces,” for no additional cost.

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Ready to get better ad results?

Improve visibility. Feed AI for better ad optimization.