Uncover every touch point from Lead to Closed Won.

Use accurate data to measure the effectiveness of your digital ad campaigns. Understand which campaigns are driving qualified leads, Opportunities, and Deal Revenue.


Integrate your tech stack and identify what ads drive the highest quality leads

SaaS marketing teams use Cometly to significantly lower customer acquisition cost using accurate data to make better ad optimization decisions.

Optimize ads based on which ads are driving qualified leads

Put a face to the number along with the lead qualification status to better understand what ads are driving qualified leads. Optimize your ad campaigns based off of qualification, deals created, deal value, and deal revenue.

Accurately track the CPA for trials and demos

Every marketing dollar matters. Eliminate wasted ad dollars and lower CAC significantly by proactively turning off underperforming ads that are generating unqualified leads. Focus your time and energy into ad campaigns that are driving qualified leads and deal revenue.

View buyer journey from trial or opt-in, to closed won

Get powerful insights into the buying journey for every customer. Sync Cometly with HubSpot or Salesforce to accurately attribute deal revenue from ads.

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