Cometly for Enterprises

Scale digital ads using accurate data

Cometly makes it easy for marketing teams to track, optimize, and scale ads profitably using the most server-side pixel technology on the market.

With Comet Events, any enterprise running digital ad campaigns can accurately track ads for any store, website, or marketing funnel and send accurate data back to the ad platforms.

We have enterprise-grade security and advanced permissions to meet all your enterprise needs.

We will help you: 

Track ads for any online store, website, or marketing funnel

Gain instant visibility on your ad campaign performance

Feed the ad platforms AI for better ad optimization

Analyze accurate data to make better optimization decisions

Optimize ads 7x faster from directly within Cometly

Save wasted ad spend by turning off ads with bad performance

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Eli Bar-Din

Lead Media Buyer,

Cometly helped me scale our brands 40% year-over-year! I know exactly where the conversions are coming from, I know how to allocate the budgets correctly and generate higher ROAS while maintaining efficiencies! Something that was and still is very hard to do after the iOS 14 update.