The smart way to track, analyze, optimize, and scale your ads.

Track sales back to the correct ad & use accurate data to optimize for better ad performance — all in one place.all in one place.

Over 800+ companies worldwide rely on us.

Cometly makes it easier to run Facebook ads, profitably.

Acquire an extreme competitive advantage and profit more from your ads by having access to better ad attribution and analytics.

Accurate Ad Attribution

No more missed sales due to relying on the Facebook pixel. Our attribution algorithm will track all of your sales back to the correct ad so you can make better decisions.

Easy Data Analysis

Easily analyze the numbers that matter (gross revenue, ROAS, net profit, etc.) without having to spend hours putting data into spreadsheets.

Faster Ad Optimization

With our instant refresh display algorithm, you get access to your data immediately. Make faster decisions on your ads by scaling up ads that make you money and scale down the losers.

Save Time

The average Cometly user saves upwards of 2 hours per day reviewing their ad data and making decisions. This free time allows you to spend more time creating and launching ads and increasing your revenue.

Save Money

Did you know that 50% of ad spend is wasted? With Cometly, you know exactly what ads are making you money and which ads are not making you money. Cut back on wasted ad spend and scale up your winning ads by having accurate ad data.


Finally delete those slow, clunky spreadsheets that would drive you crazy and replace them with Cometly’s beautiful interface that updates for you in real time!

Seamlessly integrate your ad & sales channels with one click.

Cometly integrates with the largest ad and sales platforms so you can easily connect data, track ads, and analyze performance.

Get started in under 10 minutes.

Start tracking in under 10 minutes. Our one click integrations enable you to securely & easily connect your advertising and sales channels.


Seamlessly integrate your Facebook ad account and sales channel with 1 click.


Launch your Facebook ad campaign and see it appear in directly in your Cometly account.


Track your ad and sales data all in one place and make data driven decisions based off your ad performance.

Accurate Ads Manager

Experience what it feels like to track all of your sales back to the correct ad. The Cometly ads manager redefines Facebook advertising. With our attribution algorithm, we are able to track all of your sales back to the correct ad.

View the differential between Cometly purchases and gross revenue, compared to the Facebook reported purchases and gross revenue.

Ads Management

Optimize your ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads based off of accurate data. Control budgets, turn ads on/off, and make better decisions to scale your ads.

Identify Profitable Ads

Easily analyze the day-to-day profit and loss for each of your Facebook ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Using the profit and loss reports, you can easily identify which ad campaigns, ad sets and ads are generating you the most profit every single day.

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This week

"Loving this app! It is saving nearly 1 to 1.5 hrs of effort daily for me. Further, I am amazed at how a relatively new software has all these great features in such a short span of time - a brilliant dashboard, daily breakdown for each ad sets, teams feature for multiple profiles, and both FB & ClickBank data in one place. Enjoying every aspect of this software."

Nisha Lakshmi

3 weeks ago

"I want to start this by saying “you have no idea….” but I know you actually do. However, I’m going to start it like that anyway… you have NO IDEA how much time Cometly saves me! Let’s break it down for fun … conservatively it saves me at least an hour a day. So that would be 365 hours a year which equates to about 2 weeks out of the year that I had been dedicating to crunching numbers! And… I hated crunching numbers! I’ve never been a math guy and looking at neighbors gives me a headache. With cometly, the decision on when to cut or scale ads is now so easy! Very grateful for this and I hope no one else, outside of the founding members, purchases this because I feel like we have such an advantage!… it’s almost like we are cheating.🤫😏"

Luke Chittick

2 weeks ago

"Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much Cometly has improved my decision making and how i am now seeing far more consistent sales.....Like most, i started out tracking everything with spreadsheets which meant downloading and merging, this alone took too long and then there was all the decision making to be made. Now that i am using Cometly it is so much easier to review and make the right decisions on my Ads. Cometly has been a real game changer for me.....Thank you for creating and sharing this tracking software and also all the support!!"

Neil Bean
Business Owner

2 weeks ago

"You never understand what "Time Is Money" means unless you try Cometly. Instead of hours analyzing your Data on the ruthless spread sheets, you save your time with few minutes thanks to Cometly. You literally save tons of time, and focus on making money with the ads. Detect the winners in a glimpse and scale it to the moon. Thank you guys for the amazing tool."

Mohammad Nazmi
Business Owner

3 weeks ago

"I have been enjoying this tool so much, you guys have no idea how easy it is for me now to take the right decisions based in facts. I'm saving hours and hours of work with Cometly, thank you so much for letting us have an opportunity to use it and facilitate our lives. There is no tool in the market useful and practice to use as Cometly. I highly recommend Cometly!"

Gabriel Garcia

Built by advertisers, for advertisers.

Cometly was founded by two Facebook advertisers who personally experienced the pain of bad ad tracking on Facebook.

Grant Cooper
Matt Pattoli

Grant Cooper and Matt Pattoli have been running Facebook ads for over 10 years and spent over $50,000,000 profitably across many of their own business' in addition to some of the world's largest brands. After experiencing the pain of ad tracking, they decided to build a solution for themselves called Cometly.

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