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Frequently asked questions

Does Cometly offer onboarding support?

Yes, Cometly provides onboarding support, including a premium onboarding option for those looking for direct, personalized assistance to seamlessly integrate and utilize our platform. This specialized service is available for purchase, ensuring you have all the support needed for a successful start. Additionally, our Help Center is packed with resources, including comprehensive guides on how Cometly works, detailed setup instructions, and how to create a tracking plan.

Does Cometly offer a free trial?

At Cometly, we prioritize a personalized approach over a one-size-fits-all free trial, focusing on tailored solutions that align with your unique marketing goals. We do not offer a free trial, but we offer a customized demo and consultation to ensure our platform fits your needs perfectly, accompanied by dedicated support for a seamless setup process. This method allows us to provide you with the most value and a strong foundation for our partnership.