Comet Ads Manager

Your digital ad command center to analyze accurate attribution data  from your ad campaigns and prove ROI.

Scale ads confidently with accurate data

Optimize and scale your ads confidently knowing that the data inside the Comet Ads Manager is 100% accurate. The Comet Pixel passes all accurately tracked data directly into the ads manager where you will now scale your ads profitably.

Turn ads on/off

Toggle your ads on or off directly inside the Comet Ads Manager. This small feature will allow you to analyze the accurate data and make decisions on the data, right on the same screen. You no longer need to switch tabs back and forth between your ad platform and Cometly.

Change budgets

Increase or decrease the budgets on your ads directly inside the Comet Ads Manager. Upon updating your budget, Cometly will automatically update the budget inside your ad platform within seconds. This again, allows you to analyze the accurate data and make decisions on the data, right on the same screen.

Campaign / ad set / ad level reporting

The Comet Ads Manager gives you the full breakdown of stats on a campaign, ad set and ad level. Within 1 click you can easily analyze every level of a campaign and make key scaling decisions that will help increase your ad ROAS.

Daily breakdown

The daily breakdown feature inside the ads manager provides you with a level of insight you will not get anywhere else. In 1 click you can analyze a day-by-day performance breakdown of your campaign, ad set or ad. This report provides you with amazing insight to see how well an ad is trending on a daily basis.

Real time data refresh

Other platforms make you wait hours or even days to get access to your accurate data, the Comet Ads Manager updates in real-time, every hour. This allows you to instantly know exactly what ads are working and need to be scaled.

Unlimited ad accounts

Connect as many ad accounts as you desire to Cometly. Each ad account you connect will have its own Comet Ads Manager and within 1 click you’re able to easily switch over to any of the other ad accounts you’ve connected.

Customize data columns

Inside the Comet Ads Manager you’re able to fully customize the data columns to your desired setup. Insert columns, remove columns, or even create custom presets with the exact column setup you want. Within 1 click you can view the saved preset for quick data analysis and ad optimization.

Drag to reorder columns

The state of the art data tables inside the Comet Ad Manager allow you to drag and reorder any column you want. This level of data table customization is not found anywhere else (including on the major ad platforms).

Pin any column, at any time

The functionality for freezing or “pinning” specific columns is crucial for better data analysis. Inside the ads manager, you’re able to pin any column you want to the left side or the right side of your ads manager data table. This allows you to keep an eye on the metrics that matter most to you.

Accurate conversion value

Inside the Comet Ads Manager you will always get a full and accurate revenue conversion value. This allows you to see the true ROAS for your ad campaign and make the right scaling decisions for your business.

Export data

Cometly allows you to export your ad data directly from the Comet Ad Manager so that it is perfectly formatted to your liking. You’re able to export CSV or XLS reports at any time.

Ad Platforms vs Cometly

The “Facebook vs Cometly” report inside the Comet Ads Manager will provide you with insight as to how bad Facebook is over-reporting or under-reporting compared to Cometly.

Green / Red Analysis

Know exactly what’s working inside your ads manager at a quick glance by using the green and red cells inside specific metrics.

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