Optimize Marketing

Optimize ad results with AI precision.

Use AI to cut back on underperforming ads and maximize ROI.

AI Ads Manager: Manage and optimize ads in Cometly

Easily manage and optimize all your ad campaigns with Cometly’s AI Ads Manager. Our AI technology identifies underperforming ads and helps you adjust your strategy in real-time. Toggle on / off & optimize budgets in Cometly.

Stay updated with live, realtime reporting

Get instant insights into your marketing performance with Cometly’s live, real-time reporting. Monitor campaigns as they happen, make timely adjustments, and ensure your strategies are always optimized for success. Stay ahead of the competition with up-to-the-minute data at your fingertips.

Use the daily breakdown to view day-by-day performance on every ad

Dive into daily performance metrics with ease. View day-by-day insights for each ad to track trends, measure effectiveness, and adjust strategies in real time. Gain a clear, detailed perspective on how your ads are performing every single day.

Every single event, inside your ads manager

View every single event directly inside your ads manager to see how certain ads are driving deeper funnel events like ‘deal created’ and ‘closed won.’

Conversion Profiles: Know Who Converts

Uncover profiles behind every conversion

Gain deeper insights into who is converting from your ads. Cometly’s Conversion Profiles feature reveals detailed information about the users behind each conversion.

This helps you understand your audience better and tailor your campaigns to attract more high-value leads and buyers.

Consolidate Ad Data: One Dashboard, Every Ad, Total Clarity.

View all channels and campaigns in one place

All ad accounts in one place

No more juggling multiple platforms. Cometly consolidates all your ad data into one easy-to-use dashboard. View all your channels and campaigns in a single place for total clarity.

1 report, multiple ad platforms

Run a report to see how a specific ad headline or copy or image performs across multiple ad channels.

Switch between ad accounts with 1 click

Navigate between all of your ad accounts with a single click for quick navigation and collaboration with team members.

Achieve total clarity from your dashboard views

Create multiple dashboards to view performance across multiple reports with a single glance.

Ad Level Insights: Detailed Performance Metrics

Granular insights into ad performance

Drill down into the performance of each individual ad with Cometly’s Ad Level Insights.

Get detailed metrics on impressions, clicks, conversions, and more.

Use these granular insights to fine-tune your campaigns, improve ad effectiveness, and drive better results.