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One source of truth for your Ecommerce store marketing

Combine the entire customer journey of your ecommerce store by analyzing marketing, sales and product analytics all in one place.

The Cometly AI Pixel tracks every click, visit, and interaction on your site with perfect accuracy. No more guessing about what your customers are doing – you’ll see it all clearly.

Track and analyze the entire customer journey with Cometly. Understand how visitors navigate through your site, what influences their purchase decisions, and optimize their path to conversion.


Connect your data

Integrate any data source in your tech stack.

Understand how different marketing sources impact sales cycles, AOV and LTV.

Discover how marketing channels play a roll in deeper funnel events like how much upsell revenue is being generated or even AOV by marketing source.

Track the full customer journey

Stop focusing on which marketing sources drive “clicks” and uncover which ones are actually driving purchases.

Creative, copy, audience analysis

Identify which ad creatives, copy and audiences drive the lowest cost per purchase and has the highest live time value.

SMS and email touchpoints

Get a better understanding of how SMS and Email touchpoints are invovled in your sales funnel.

Every single event, inside your ads manager

View every single event directly inside your ads manager to see how certain ads are driving deeper funnel events like ‘add to cart’ and ‘purchase’

Ecommerce Report Templates

Every Ecommerce report you've ever wanted, at your fingertips

Purchases & Revenue By Source

ATC & Initiate Checkout Analytics

Upsell Revenue By Source

Revenue By Country

Influencer Report

Live Store Orders

The AI Ads Manager for Ecommerce Companies

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