Scale your Ecommerce brand profitably with accurate data from ads

Get actionable insights into every customer journey and allocate budget to the outperforming ads.

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Accurate ad attribution is the foundation of scaling your digital ads profitably

Ecommerce marketing teams are rapidly creating and testing new ad creative to find winning ads — and that's only possible by having accurate ad attribution. Cometly helps ecommerce stores accurately track to quickly identify winning ads, save wasted ad spend, and increase ad profits.

"We not only have >20% more accurate data, we also have seen a significant increase in performance..."

"We trialed Cometly against TripleWhale for a considerable amount of ad spend, we quickly saw Cometly's superiority. Over 20% more accurate data, and improved performance on all our ads due to data being fed back to Facebook. Not only has our performance and accuracy improved, but our peace of mind has quadrupled. Knowing that our team can trust the results they see is essential to running and scaling a business."

Co-Director at Babybub

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Understand customer journey

Examine the customer journey to identify the marketing channels that yield the highest conversion rates and revenue for your Ecommerce store. Gain valuable insights into the top-performing marketing channels and allocate your advertising budget effectively.

Unlock new visibility

Get the true ad performance based on our accurate Gen-2 pixel technology. Spend less time digging through data and easily identify profitable ads. Spend more time optimizing the right ads and scale profitably.

Save wasted ad spend

How many of your ad dollars are wasted? Wasted ad spend refers to the ad spend spent on 'losing' or significantly under performing ads due to bad tracking. With Cometly, proactively turn off unprofitable ads before they overspend and dip into profits.

Increase ad profits

Accelerate winning ad campaigns faster by having realtime accurate ad & sales data, all in one place.

Ready to get better ad results?

Improve visibility. Feed AI for better ad optimization.