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Your digital ad command center for tracking & managing client ads

Marketing agencies rely on Cometly to help improve client ad performance. Cometly helps marketing agencies accurately track client ads to quickly identify winning ads, save wasted ad spend, and increase ad profits for clients.

"We were flying blind before we started accurately tracking with Cometly..."

"Cometly helped me scale our brands 40% year-over-year! I know exactly where the conversions are coming from, I know how to allocate the budgets correctly and generate higher ROAS while maintaining efficiencies! Something that was and still is very hard to do after the iOS 14 update."

Eli Bar-Din — Lead Media Buyer at

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Unlock new visibility on client ad campaigns

Using Cometly's Gen-2 pixel technology, track every clients ad performance all in one place. Spend less time digging through data and easily identify profitable ads. Spend more time optimizing the right ads and scale up.

Aggregated states across all clients, in one place

Want to know how your ads are performing across all of your clients at once? Using Cometly, you’ll be able to see combined stats such as ad spend or gross revenue. You’ll also be able to easily compare specific metrics across different clients like average CPC or ROAS.

Having access to aggregated client results (all in one place) will give your agency a huge advantage for high level ad strategy across all of your clients.

Unlimited client workspaces, no additional cost.

Track, analyze and scale ads for unlimited clients without having to pay for multiple Cometly accounts. Easily create as many workspaces as you need so you can track ads for every client.

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