Why Cometly

Accurate data to make better decisions

Marketing teams use Cometly to prove ROI by attributing revenue to the correct ads. Accurate data will help you identify profitable and underperforming ads, understand the customer journey, and make better decisions with marketing dollars.

Step 1

User sees your ad and clicks on your ad.

Step 2

User lands on your site and takes an action.

Step 3

You can identify what source or ad generated the action.

Step 4

Understand customer journey, and prove ROI.

The two most important components of digital advertising consist of

Knowing which ads are driving you sales, leads, etc. and which ads are not driving sales, etc.

Making sure the ad platform’s algorithm knows too, so they can keep optimizing your ads for better performance.

Cometly has you covered on both of these fronts

Cometly will accurately attribute your conversions and send your sales data back to the ad platforms to ensure your ads are getting the best possible optimization from their AI.

The problem

The digital advertising industry has been turned upside down.

What does this mean for you?

If you are running ads to your store or marketing funnels, between 40-60% of purchases / events will no longer display in the native ads managers. This means for every 10 sales / leads you generate, roughly only 4-6 of them will track back to the ad they came from. The other sales or events are not reported inside your ads manager.

If you don’t know which ads are generating sales and which ads are not generating sales, then increasing the ad budget on your winning ads becomes impossible.

The solution

Cometly solves your ad tracking problem

You can no longer rely on the ad platform pixels for tracking purchases or events. Cometly empowers you with the insight to track & identify which ads are generating sales so you can make better data-driven decisions on your ad campaigns.

Cometly will attribute the correct ads generating results in real time so you can continue making better decisions on your ads.

The ad platforms ad optimization algorithm is extremely powerful and needs consistent purchase data in order to continue optimizing your ads effectively. Cometly will take all of this high quality purchase data and automatically feed the ad platforms this data. Your ads will perform better than they ever have before.

Streamlined onboarding experience


Seamlessly connect all of your ad platforms and revenue data sources.


Install our advanced Gen-3 pixel on your site and accurately track revenue & events back to the correct ads.


Make data-driven decisions based on your ad performance.


Use the Comet Ads Manager to control budgets, and turn ads on/off.