Enrich Customer Data

Enrich Customer Data for Superior Marketing Performance

Sync accurate data with ad platforms for better targeting and results.

Cometly Ads Manager

Match Score Enhancer: Boost Data Accuracy

Feed accurate data into the ad platforms

Ensure your ad platforms are working with the most accurate data possible.

Cometly’s Match Score Enhancer syncs precise customer data with your ad platforms, improving match rates and targeting accuracy.

With better data, your ads reach the right audience, resulting in better conversion rates and higher profit.

Custom Event Ad Optimization: Focus on Quality

Optimize your ads for higher quality events

Optimize your ads based on custom events that matter most to your business.

Cometly’s Custom Event Ad Optimization allows you to track and improve ads targeting high-value actions like “quality” leads and high AOV customers.

By focusing on these key events, you can enhance ad effectiveness and drive more meaningful interactions and conversions.

Audience Segmentation: Precision Targeting

High quality lookalike audiences using accurate AI data

Create high-quality lookalike audiences with Cometly’s Audience Segmentation.

Our AI-driven data ensures that your segments are precise and effective, targeting users who are most likely to convert.

This precision targeting helps you expand your reach to new, highly relevant audiences, increasing the impact and efficiency of your ad campaigns.