Create & manage multiple workspaces

For large marketing teams and agencies to manage multiple business units in different workspaces. Easily invite your team and set permissions.

Create unlimited workspaces

Get hyper-accurate ad attribution for unlimited business units for no additional cost. Cometly allows you to track, analyze and optimize ads for as many businesses that you need.

Easily connect ad accounts

Connect unlimited ad accounts for workspace you create at no additional cost. We understand businesses have multiple ad accounts depending on their ad strategy. With Cometly, you can easily connect accounts and start tracking your ads within 10 minutes.

Invite users to specific spaces & set permissions

Invite users from your team and assign them a specific role depending on their involvement in your ad management. Cometly allows you to invite unlimited users for your business at no additional cost.

Blended stats across all workspaces

View blended stats across all of your businesses using the 'All Spaces' page feature. This allows you to easily compare ad results from business to business. If you own an ad agency you can see exactly how much money you are spending and how much revenue you are generating for your clients businesses, all in one place.

Ready to get better ad results?

Improve visibility. Feed AI for better ad optimization.