Customer Journeys

Understand every customer journey and buying intent.

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Identify high-performing channels

Analyze buyer journey to determine which marketing channels are driving the most conversions and revenue. Get powerful insights on the most effective marketing channels and allocate marketing dollars accordingly.

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View journeys while optimizing ads

Use the Comet Ads Manager to analyze events over a selected time period and gain insights into the buying journey of customers from your ads. Make real time data-driven adjustments and improve the effectiveness of your digital ad campaigns.

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Continuously track customer LTV

Track customer LTV and segment valuable buyers. Focus on high-LTV customers and maximize ROI for marketing and sales initiatives.

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Put a face to the number

Native ad platforms and almost all analytics tools only provide you numerical data from your marketing campaigns. Use Cometly to put a face to the number and gain deeper insights into the qualification of every potential buyer.

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