Tom King

Account Executive

November 9, 2022

9 minute read

7 Reasons Why Cometly Is The Best TikTok Tracker

You probably heard the news by this point about how iOS14 changed the game for internet marketing forever. Basically, iPhone users can now tell apps like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram to stop tracking their activity on the other websites they visit. This means that when someone clicks on your ad in TikTok and lands on your Shopify store, TikTok has no idea if that person is taking any action on your website. So when someone makes a purchase on your store after clicking on your TikTok ad, chances are TikTok will not be able to tell you which of your ads that sale came from.

So does this mean my ROAS is doomed and I can't scale my TikTok ads properly?

The short answer is no, your ads are not doomed, because Cometly can save your ads with its advanced tracking technology. This blog post will explain 7 reasons why Cometly is the best TikTok tracker for your business.

1. Cometly uses "Server-side" tracking, so you are no longer flying blind

While Apple can cut off TikTok's ability to track visitor's leaving the iPhone TikTok app, that iPhone user still needs to "connect" to your Shopify store if they want to buy anything. With Cometly, you will install a "Comet Pixel" on your store, and that pixel will be able to perform server-side tracking on anyone visiting your website from your paid TikTok ads.

2. Cometly has an attribution window of 28 days

Cometly also has a 28 day attribution window.  This means that if someone sees your ad on TikTok, and then goes to buy something on your Shopify store 28 days later, Cometly will still be able to attribute that purchase to your initial TikTok ad. Most TikTok tracking solutions only have a 7-day attribution window, so this is a huge advantage for Cometly.

3. Cometly allows you to dynamically switch between first click and last click

Not only does Cometly have a long attribution window, but you can also dynamically switch between first click and last click attribution.  For most Ecommmerce businesses it is important to attribute sales to the last click. The cool thing is, with Cometly, you can quickly switch attribution to first click to see how your top of funnel ads are performing, and then you can always switch back to last click and all of your attribution in your dashboard will go back to having come from the last ad the buyer clicked on.

4. Cometly allows you to connect an unlimited number of Shopify stores with "Spaces"

If you have multiple Shopify stores, Cometly has a feature called "Spaces" which allows you to connect an unlimited number of Shopify stores to your Cometly account. This is extremely helpful if you are managing multiple Shopify stores for different brands or products. The Spaces design is perfect for agencies managing several clients at once.

5. Cometly makes analytics easy

Cometly has a lot of features that make analyzing your TikTok ads very simple. Cometly's Ads Manager has Daily Breakdowns which show you exactly how much money you made from your TikTok ads on a daily basis. Combined with the color-coded ROI columns, Cometly will make it so that you can identify a trend on an ad with just a glance. This makes it very clear which ads need to be scaled up or scaled down, and if any ads need to be turned off or turned back on.

6. Cometly also tracks your Facebook and Instagram Ads

While TikTok might be the new shiny object, Facebook and Instagram are still the 2 giants when it comes to social media advertising. That's why Cometly also lets you track your Facebook and Instagram Ads in addition to your TikTok Ads. This is extremely helpful because you can see which platform is performing better for you and adjust your ad spend accordingly. This will also deduplicate any double attribution from someone who clicked on your Instagram Ad AND your TikTok Ad.

7. Cometly doubles as an Ads Management tool

Not only is Cometly an amazing TikTok tracking tool, but it also doubles as an Ads Management tool. This means that you can use Cometly to optimize your TikTok Ads directly from the platform to do things like turn ads on or off, as well as adjust your budgets, and change the names of your ads. No need to switch back and forth between TikTok Creator Studio and another Ads Management tool. This will save you time, and prevent mistakes that can be easily made when jumping back and forth between platforms.

In Conclusion,  Cometly is the best TikTok tracking tool for you because it will use server-side tracking with a 28-day attribution window to show you accurate attribution on your ads so you are no longer flying blind. You can toggle your attribution between first click and last click to see how all of your ads are performing. If you manage multiple stores that you run TikTok ads for, Cometly has you covered. Cometly doubles/triples as an ad analytics tool and an ads management tool, so you can quickly identify ads that are working, and make your optimization decisions like adjusting budgets and turning ads on and off directly from Cometly's dashboard. Finally, Cometly also tracks your Facebook and Instagram Ads so you can see which platform is driving the most sales for you.

Learn more about how Cometly can help attribute revenue back to the correct ads and understand where customers are coming from → Get Cometly Demo

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