Buddy King

Account Executive

August 18, 2022

5 minute read

Saying Goodbye To Third Party Cookies

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry, but right now seems to be a time of particularly drastic change.  With recent big changes to the ability to track users such as GDPR and Apple’s ATT policy, tracking the performance of your marketing efforts has been harder than ever.  Soon, without third party cookies, tracking your audience is only going to continue to get harder.

For many years, marketers and advertisers have used the data from cookies in order to track things such as pages their audience is visiting, items their audience is purchasing, and hobbies their audience like to do.  This data was all extremely valuable for advertisers and marketers ability to personalize the buyer’s experience and increase revenue. However, in a future with no third party cookies at all, these insights are going to be quite limited.

Recently Google announced that they will be doing away with cookies entirely on the Google Chrome browser in 2023.  Firefox and Safari have already completely gotten rid of cookies on their browsers.  Why would these companies do this?  To ensure the privacy of their users.  According to Pew Research Center, over 70% of Americans today say that they feel anxious about being tracked and how their data is being used. As a result, 2023 will be the start of a cookie-less internet.

So how the heck are companies going to be able to tailor their online marketing efforts to their customers?

The answer is simple. Social media marketing will continue to be a highly effective solution for targeting your audience.  Through the power of Facebook, TikTok, and Google companies will still be fully capable of creating highly targeted advertisements for customers. 

These platforms have all of the first party data to be able to put your ads in front of the correct people.  The issue for companies and websites now is the ability to relay customer information back to the advertising platforms.  Without the ability to report necessary data back to the advertising platforms, it is extremely difficult for marketers to analyze their data and make strategic growth decisions based on KPI’s.

Without cookies, the future of tracking KPI’s for advertisers lies in the hands of third party tracking solutions, and Cometly does exactly that.  Cometly is a third party attribution software designed to track the performance of your social media ads without the use of ANY third party cookies!

Through Cometly’s accurate attribution data, digital marketers can track the performance of their ads and make accurate and strategic scaling decisions on those ads!

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