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Make your clients more money by scaling their ads confidently using accurate ad data! Manage unlimited client accounts inside 1 Cometly account and invite unlimited team members.

Unlimited Clients, No Extra Cost

Double Client ROAS

Accurate Reporting

Increase Client ROAS

Cometly will increase your clients’ average ROAS within 14 days or you don’t pay us a single dollar! No more “Flying Blind!” Your media buyers will finally be able to scale ads confidently by having the visibility to know what ads are working and what ads are not working.

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Unlimited Clients, No Extra Cost.

To celebrate the launch of our new feature “Spaces,” you’re able to manage unlimited clients inside 1 Cometly account for a limited time.

Yes, this means you can track, analyze and scale ads for unlimited clients without having to pay for multiple Cometly accounts.

If you create a Cometly account now, you’ll be grandfathered into this offer for life.

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“Cometly has become the source of truth. We went from flying blind to flying with a very reliable radar in front of us. It gave us a set of eyes to actually understand how things perform, which helps us scale the ads much more.”

Jonathan Gosper
Chief Operating Officer,

Evestar, a top rated ecommerce digital agency, increased one of their largest clients’ revenue by a massive 40% by using Cometly for their ad campaigns.

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Accurate, Beautiful Reporting

We all know that clients love getting beautiful reports that showcase amazing results. Cometly provides accurate reports that look great and are easy to understand. Even your least tech-savvy clients will understand and love the reports that you generate from Cometly.

Show off your results and keep your clients happy using Cometly’s beautiful reports.

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Aggregated Stats Across All Clients

Want to know how your ads are performing across all of your clients at once? Using Cometly, you’ll be able to see combined stats such as ad spend or gross revenue. You’ll also be able to easily compare specific metrics across different clients like average CPC or ROAS.

Having access to aggregated client results (all in one place) will give your agency a huge advantage for high level ad strategy across all of your clients.

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