Understand every customer journey and buying intent

Analyze buyer journey and identify high-performing marketing channels

Get hyper-accurate ad attribution and reveal customer journey

Prove ROI and significantly reduce customer acquisition costs

Attribute purchases or any actionable events back to the correct ads

View journeys while optimizing ad campaigns

Feed the ad platforms AI for better ad optimization

Optimize ads 7x faster from directly within Cometly

Save wasted ad spend by turning off ads with bad performance

Use Customer Journey Software

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Identify high-performing channels

Analyze buyer journey to determine which marketing channels are driving the most conversions and revenue. Get powerful insights on the most effective marketing channels and allocate marketing dollars accordingly.

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View journeys while optimizing ads

Use the Comet Ads Manager to analyze events over a selected time period and gain insights into the buying journey of customers from your ads. Make real time data-driven adjustments and improve the effectiveness of your digital ad campaigns.

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Continuously track customer LTV

Track customer LTV and segment valuable buyers. Focus on high-LTV customers and maximize ROI for marketing and sales initiatives.

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"We not only have >20% more accurate data, we also have seen a significant increase in performance..."

"We trialed Cometly against TripleWhale for a considerable amount of ad spend, we quickly saw Cometly's superiority. Over 20% more accurate data, and improved performance on all our ads due to data being fed back to Facebook. Not only has our performance and accuracy improved, but our peace of mind has quadrupled. Knowing that our team can trust the results they see is essential to running and scaling a business."

Co-Director at Babybub

Accurate Attribution

Advanced server side tracking

Our server-side pixel will bypass IOS14 and ad blockers that limit your attribution.

Never miss another sale from ads

Use the Comet Pixel to accurately track sales back to the correct ad, every time.

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Customer Journeys

Allocate marketing dollars correctly

By understanding which touch-points are most effective at driving conversions, you can optimize your ad spend to maximize ROI.

Reveal actionable insights

Identify patterns in the buying journey of your customers and re-calibrate your marketing efforts accordingly.

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Hear from our loyal customers

Join other advertisers just like you and start scaling your ads.

Mark Hodierne

"I came to Cometly after a few months using one of the existing market leading tracking systems. That system was incredibly complex and actually increased my workload. Cometly was a complete surprise. The setup is impossibly simple and the user interface is a dream compared to the competition. Instantly, my life has been made easier. And the best news is that the software continues to be improved in ways that add more and more value to me. That's because super experienced marketers have developed Cometly. The tracking solution they've developed fits my business like a glove."

Luke Chittick

"I want to start this by saying “you have no idea….” but I know you actually do. However, I’m going to start it like that anyway… you have NO IDEA how much time Cometly saves me! Let’s break it down for fun … conservatively it saves me at least an hour a day. So that would be 365 hours a year which equates to about 2 weeks out of the year that I had been dedicating to crunching numbers! And… I hated crunching numbers! I’ve never been a math guy and looking at numbers gives me a headache. With Cometly, the decision on when to cut or scale ads is now so easy! Very grateful for this and I hope no one else, outside of the founding members, purchases this because I feel like we have such an advantage!… it’s almost like we are cheating."

Andreas Häggkvist
Business Owner

"Have to say a huge thank you to Cometly team. Cometly has been nothing but success for me since I joined. I've used other tracking software's in the past but they don't even come close to the performance and features Cometly provides. Every update so far has been an absolute game-changer to my success. Can't wait for all the new ones you have up and coming!"

Accurate Ad Attribution

No more missed sales because you rely on inaccurate data from the native ad platforms. With our proprietary pixel technology we track sales back to the correct ad so that you can make the right decisions on your campaigns.

Easy Data Analysis

Easily analyze the numbers that matter (gross revenue, ROAS, net profit, etc.) without having to spend hours putting data into spreadsheets.

Faster Ad Optimization

Our direct partner integration with the ad platforms enables you to turn off ads or increase/decrease the budgets directly from within the Cometly platform.

Hour glass
Save Time

The average Cometly user saves upwards of 2 hours per day reviewing their ad data and making decisions. This free time allows you to spend more time creating and launching ads and increasing your revenue.

Save Money

Did you know that 50% of ad spend is wasted? With Cometly, you know exactly what ads are making you money and which ads are not making you money. Cut back on wasted ad spend and scale up your winning ads by having accurate ad data.


Finally delete those slow, clunky spreadsheets that drive you crazy and replace them with Cometly’s beautiful interface to get updated data in near real time.

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