Advanced tracking pixel technology

Place the Comet Pixel on your store to accurately track sales back to the correct ad and bypass ad blockers that limit your attribution.

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Accurate tracking

The #1 most powerful feature the Comet Pixel provides is simply accurate data. Right now it’s hard for advertisers to truly know what ads are getting sales and what ads are not getting sales, the Comet Pixel solves this problem.

The Pixel takes less than 5 minutes to set up on your store and will instantly begin to provide accurate tracking for your ad campaigns.

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28 day attribution window

Most ad platforms used to provide a 28 day attribution window but have now narrowed it down to only 7 days. That means if someone clicks your ad and buys on day 8, the ad platform will not track the sale, but the Comet Pixel will track it.

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Server-side tracking using 1st party data

The Comet Pixel’s advanced tracking algorithm will implement only 1st party data that comes directly from your own 1st party platforms. This means the data is hyper accurate with absolutely no guessing or modeling involved.

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Bypass iOS 14 blockage

The ongoing ad tracking blockage from Apple has continued to cause major problems for advertisers. The Comet Pixel is not affected at all by this blockage. This allows advertisers to regain visibility on their ads and scale confidently by knowing exactly what ads are getting sales.

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First click last click attribution

With 1 click you’re able to switch between analyzing data on a first click or last click basis. This provides advertisers with unique insights to know what ads are helping customers begin their journey vs the ads that are helping them finalize making a purchase.

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Easy installation

Setup the Comet Pixel on your website in less than 5 minutes. Simply copy and paste the code onto your website and we handle the rest for you!

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Send Pixel Data Back to Facebook - Increase ROAS

Using the Cometly Conversion API you’re able to send all of the Comet Pixel’s accurate data back to the ad platform for better conversion optimization and targeting. This will dramatically increase your ad ROAS overall.

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