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"ROAS 'magically' increased without extra effort, simply because we finally made the right data-driven decisions."

Laurits Christensen

Owner at AdsWise


100% Performance Based Advertising With 2x ROAS Guarantee. No risky upfront fees, just pure extreme growth of Shopify stores.


Since February 2022

What did you do before you used Cometly / What was life like before using Cometly?:

We were relying 100% on the data in Facebook Ads Manager.

What challenge did you face prior to using Cometly? Did you use any other solutions?:

After iOS14 we had to pause clients - even let them go - because it was impossible for us to determine where sales were coming from and our clients RoAS would drop from 3x-5x to 1.5x-2x.

How was your implementation / setup experience?:

It was super easy and the support was great! I also loved in my early days with Cometly, that Cometly would roll out new very useful features without charging extra for them!

How has using Cometly affected your ad campaigns and the results you’re getting on your ads?:

Every time we move a client from Facebook's own data to Cometly we almost instantly see an uplift in ROAS which allows us to scale even faster! This is extremely important as a performance based agency with a ROI guarantee!

Please share specific percentages / numbers about your results with Cometly?:

Before switching to AdsWise, one of our new clients who are the market leader in their industry used to spend upwards of $300,000 per month at a devastating 1.14x RoAS (and still paying the old agency their huge fee even after losing so much money on cost of goods!).

When we took over the account, just in the first 10 days of using Cometly on their account, we have now been able to get them up to 1.8x ROAS, and we believe we can get them to 2.5x ROAS at the same spend they used to have within the next 30-45 days using Cometly.

Another fashion client went from 1.7x ROAS on £15,000/month ad spend in 2021 to 3.6x ROAS on £30,000/month ad spend in 2022, which was also a huge win for them as they went from £55k/year to £100k/month while they were with us.

In your opinion what is the most useful feature that Cometly offers?:

Showing us the true data so we can accurately scale winners and kill losers fast.

What about Cometly surprised you the most?:

It sounds corny, but how the ROAS 'magically' increased without extra effort, simply because we finally made the right data-driven decisions.

What would you say to someone who isn’t using Cometly for their ad campaigns?:

If you're not using Cometly, you're shooting in the dark. Even if you're good at what you do, your performance will always be mediocre because you are using the same faulty data as everybody else.

"Cometly has allowed our performance based advertising agency to deliver on our 2x RoAS guarantee with their TRUE data attribution - they've possibly saved our business and clients' growth!"

Laurits Christensen

Owner at AdsWise

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