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"If you are scaling Facebook or TikTok ads and you are relying only on Facebook ads manager's or Google Analytics data, you are throwing money away as you are not making effective optimizations. With Cometly you can save up at least 15-20% on your ad spending and highly increase your ROAS!"

Rokas Jokubka

Owner at A Cool Agency


In 2021 created out of the desire to disrupt the status quo for eCommerce businesses, A Cool Agency is determined to create unparalleled results for our clients through Meta advertising and email marketing.


Since May 2022

What did you do before you used Cometly / What was life like before using Cometly?:

Due to a lack of accurate data, we were focusing on vertical scaling which is not always effective, especially when budgets cross a certain line. We lacked horizontal scaling and speed of optimizations.

What challenge did you face prior to using Cometly? Did you use any other solutions?:

We were using FB ads manager and Google Analytics data to scale businesses, however, that data wasn't accurate, and had huge delays and late attributions, so our optimizations weren't as effective as they could be.

How was your implementation / setup experience?:

The implementation was super clear and easy - integration with Shopify is super helpful. Didn't need any time from developers.

How has using Cometly affected your ad campaigns and the results you’re getting on your ads?:

Due to faster and more accurate optimizations, we were able to apply best practices of horizontal & vertical scaling. As the result, our revenues and ROAS kept growing for all the clients we have in our agency.

Please share specific percentages / numbers about your results with Cometly?:

We were doing quite good growth without any attribution tools, however, since we started using Cometly, the growth accelerated, as we were able to apply horizontal scaling best practices and make better optimization decisions.

With a beauty niche client, we managed to scale by an additional 31% in 4 months (in total 300% yearly growth).

With a clothing industry client, we managed to scale by an additional 66% in 5 months (in total 235% yearly growth).

In your opinion what is the most useful feature that Cometly offers?:

I think Cometly's ads manager function is the most useful, it lets to compare FB ads manager and Cometly data in one place and make the best decisions out of it.

What about Cometly surprised you the most?:

Its simplicity. It's very easy to use, yet powerful.

What would you say to someone who isn’t using Cometly for their ad campaigns?:

You are optimizing your campaigns ineffectively, so you spend more money than you should to generate the same results.

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