"Before Cometly, we grappled with the pitfalls of inaccurate tracking from Facebook, making our decision-making process fraught with insecurity. Since integrating Cometly, we've seen it rapidly become an invaluable tool for our online marketing, boasting robust tracking and an impressively clean interface. If you're aiming to scale your ads, I cannot recommend Cometly enough."


Laglappen is an online store in mending and repairs. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden. Laglappen specializes in repair patches.


Since November 2022

What type of ecommerce platform do you have?:


What challenge did you face prior to using Cometly? Did you use any other solutions?:

We only used Facebook for data, which is problematic because of the inaccurate tracking.

What challenge did you face prior to using Cometly? Did you use any other solutions?:

We had to rely on unreliable data and that caused an unnecessary amount of insecurity in our decision making.

How was your implementation / setup experience?:

We've had some issues with our set up but the Cometly team are always there to help and solve it.

How has using Cometly affected your ad campaigns and the results you’re getting on your ads?:

It has potential to become a huge asset in our decision making regarding online marketing.

In your opinion what is the most useful feature that Cometly offers?:

Aside from the tracking we really like the clean and easy-to-use interface.

What about Cometly surprised you the most?:

The clean and uncluttered interface

What would you say to someone who isn’t using Cometly for their ad campaigns?:

I would advise the to really consider it. Especially if they have a large marketing budget.

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