"Once I spent some time with Hyros and realized that not every purchase was from ads, I came back to Cometly with fresh eyes and, in doing the side by side comparison, realized that Cometly was catching every one of my Facebook purchases. I was sold at that point."

Jason Bull

Owner at Runnerisms


Runnerisms began as a passion project - to create t-shirts and apparel that celebrate the odd quirks and innate traits (aka runnerisms) that bond the weekend warrior to the Olympic level athlete.


Since November 2022

What did you do before you used Cometly / What was life like before using Cometly?:

I originally relied on Ads Manager, and up until iOS14 that served me fairly well. Although my results may not have been 100% accurate, I was able to make decisions that kept me profitable on a day to day basis.  Once iOS14 hit, and I knew I could no longer trust conversion data within Ads Manager I based my scaling and shut off on "on platform" metrics (primarily CTR and CPC), which worked from time to time but was limited in how much it would let me scale.

Once iOS14 hit, I tried a few attribution software solutions (AnyTrack, Cometly, Adaya, Hyros, and Cometly again). On my first go with Cometly I thought it was missing purchases, so I ended up canceling my plan. Once I got Hyros, and I could see where EVERY purchase came from, I realized Cometly probably wasn't missing purchases - they were just coming from other sources (Google Search, Organic posts, etc). Knowing that I preferred Cometly's dashboard and pricing, I decided to run them both simultaneously and found them both to track almost identically - so I happily switched back to Cometly.

What challenge did you face prior to using Cometly? Did you use any other solutions?:

Prior to Cometly I tried a few other attribution solutions, including AnyTrack, Adaya, and Hyros. Of those three, the only one I was impressed with was Hyros, but unfortunately I found the user interface to be a bit confusing and clunky. While all the information was there, it wasn't easy to access and the plans were quite expensive. As a small business, the cost of Hyros was hard to justify.

How was your implementation / setup experience?:

Setup was super easy and having the help of the Cometly staff made it even easier. Because I was running two attribution softwares initially, I did have a few questions regarding the UTMs, but those questions were answered quickly and had me up and running right in time for my biggest weekend of the year.

How has using Cometly affected your ad campaigns and the results you’re getting on your ads?:

Cometly was incredibly helpful during the holiday season. It let me quickly decide which ads to scale, which to turn off, and experiment with multiple campaign structures to figure out which were performing best.

Please share specific percentages / numbers about your results with Cometly?:

I had multiple ad sets with a 3+ ROAS (3.13, 3.47, 3.51, 3.71, 5.14) although I've had challenges with keeping them performing (most go strong out of the gate, but tend to die off within 5-7 days).

In your opinion what is the most useful feature that Cometly offers?:

For me, the best feature of Cometly is the Ads Manager dashboard itself. Being able to move columns, adjust budget, turn off ads, and work in a platform that is incredibly familiar to Facebook's own Ads Manager is a huge plus.

What about Cometly surprised you the most?:

I think coming back to it, it was just the accuracy of the tracking. As I said before, the first time I used Cometly, there were a number of purchases that were not accounted for and I incorrectly assumed they were coming from ads and Cometly was just missing them.  Once I spent some time with Hyros and realized that not every purchase was from ads, I came back to Cometly with fresh eyes and, in doing the side by side comparison, realized that Cometly was catching every one of my Facebook purchases. I was sold at that point.

What would you say to someone who isn’t using Cometly for their ad campaigns?:

You can't trust Ads Manager any more and trying to do so is only going to cause headaches and frustration. You'll end up shutting things off that you shouldn't, scaling ads that you shouldn't, and then end up frustrated because you can't "figure things out." If you're looking for an affordable solution, Cometly definitely still provides one of the more cost effective solutions out there with an interface that can't be beat - and I have no doubt that they're only going to continue to add more and more features to become the best ads tracking software in the market.

"To say I've been impressed by Cometly would be an understatement - I'm completely blown away by what they offer (and the price point that they offer it at)! I'd used Cometly once before but thought it was missing purchases, so I eventually invested in a higher priced option. Only then did I realize how many of my sales were organic or from Google searches. I reinstalled Cometly and ran it side by side with my higher priced option for +/- 3 weeks and found Cometly's Facebook tracking to be spot on! Not only was Cometly accurate, but their dashboard was much cleaner to read and easier to use.

On top of that, Grant and the Cometly team have been awesome - they've answered every question I've had - and I even got a response on Thanksgiving day (which was clutch for getting everything set up for Black Friday). You can tell they're a team that cares and stands behind their product - and the features they have on their roadmap are only going to continue to make the product more amazing in the months and weeks to come!

Seriously, I can't speak highly enough about Cometly - if you're on the fence (or still relying on Facebook's Ads Manager) give it a go - I promise you won't be disappointed!"

Jason Bull

Owner at Runnerisms

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